Group Vision

Corporate Core values:

Corporate Core Values determines the survivial of an enterprise. The core value of Zhink Group is agreeing with Zhink, joining with Zhink, and sharing with Zhink. Zhink Group advocates creating values, and cultivating senses of mission, responsibility, hornor, and maturity. Zhink Group is willing to help all the staff to make progress in practice and adapt the changing environment, so as to improve executive power of the enterprise. 

Quality Policy:

Everyone takes responsibility in all working steps to ensure high-quality products and high customer satisfaction 

Explanation of the quality policy:

Every employee in every department must finish the work carefully according to the requirements in QMS (Quality Management System). Every technical employee must make qualified semi-finished products, be sure not to take, pass, or produce defective products during the production process. Taking great effort to produce high-quality products is the reflection of Zhink Group’s continuous improvement. Every shuttle, every meter, and every cloth are of high quality, which keeps Zhink in an invincible position in the fierce market competition. Making customers satisfied is the principle of Zhink Group, which conforms to the principle of ISO9001 that customers should be the focus. The satisfaction of customers is the final aim of all our work.

Group Mission

Corporate Spirit:

Integrity, Devotion, Innovation and Development

Integrity – Keep promises and work hard;

Devotion – Seek benefit for employees and repay society

Innovation – Keep learning, keep surmounting, learn from others and meet challenges

Development – Work together to make a brilliant future

Every employee is required to do as the following:

Work Attitude – Try everyone’s best to do the work even there are difficulties

Work Concepts – Value talents, build development platform, seek innovation, promote benefit, take responsibility, and ensure safety.

Work Thoughts – Regard work as embodiment as self-value, keep achieving realization and keep going beyond ourselves.

Work Style – Work style is the embodiment of character and morality, avoid any kind of misconduct at work, keep company’s business, being both pragmatic and innovative. 

Group Values

Business Philosophy:

People-oriented, Pioneering and Innovative, Scientific Management, March forward Together

People-oriented – human resource is the foundation of Zhink, the source of driving force, and guarantee of development.

Pioneering and Innovative – Equipped with best resource for long-term corporate development, pioneering and innovative is a must no matter in technical area or production area.

Scientific Management – scientific management permeates every links of the enterprise, in order to make best use of the resource.

March forward Together – Shared benefit and mutual development is the common goal of Zhink’s staff. The success of Zhink is inseparable with all Zhink’s staff effort.

Enterprise's goal:

Trading Online, Product Financialization, Asset Securitization

Competitive Strategy:

To establish a strong brand vitality with high-quality products and high standards of service